Keeping in touch is very important to all of us at Teaching That Makes Sense. To make sure that you can reach us how and when you need to, and receive a prompt and satisfactory response, take a look at the options on this page. Also, if there's a way you would like to communicate with us that you don't see listed here, please suggest it and we will do what everything we can to accommodate you.



We list this one first for a good reason: it's always your best choice and guarantees a prompt reply. You can reach our general information mailbox at: You can reach Steve Peha's mailbox at:


Regular Mail

For packages, or documents that can't be attached to an e-mail, please use the following address:

Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc.
314 Bolin Forest Drive
Carrboro, NC 27510

In the past, we have handled requests for teaching materials through the mail. We no longer do this as all materials are now available for download from this website. We regret that we cannot respond via regular mail to these requests either but we will e-mail you if you include an e-mail address.



You can give us a call, Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 6PM EST, at 919-967-3712. We often aren't here to answer the phone, so if you need a reply within 48 hours, please use e-mail or indicate that you require more immediate attention. Once again, it would be very helpful to us if you could leave an e-mail address as part of your message so we would have the option of contacting you that way should the need arise.



We are currently upgrading our fax system and changing our fax number. The new number will be posted here as soon as possible. If you need to fax something to us during this transition time, please send us an e-mail and we will promptly respond to your request.


Instant Messaging

If you're online, and you have access to the appropriate instant messaging software, you can contact us for a short real time conversation. You may contact Steve Peha in this way any time you see him listed as "available" on the following services under the following screen names:

On AOL: mrpeha
On Yahoo: mrpeha
On MSN: mrpeha

If you message Steve and he does not reply, he has probably stepped out and simply forgotten to put up an "away" message. Please do not interpret the lack of a prompt response on his part as a lack of courtesy or an indication that he does not want to chat with you.


Comm Badge

To begin a voice communication while aboard a StarFleet vessel, lightly tap the duranium casing. Your personal communicator will chirp to life and you may direct the computer to begin transmitting to the person of your choice. During away team missions, power is required from the orbiting spacecraft to sustain the necessary long range communications; planetside communincation is limited to 500 kilometers and is powered by a dermal sensor relay. Please note that planetside range may be improved if the magnetic field value is below 0.9 gauss, or mean geologic density is less than 5.56 g/cc.



We are currently experimenting with cuneiform. We have found that while the medium is quite durable, the tablets are bulky and don't fit easily into manila folders for filing, even legal size. Please note that additional turnaround time is required in order for us to respond as specialists in ancient languages are sometimes hard to find on short notice. If at all possible, please restrict your choice of regional script to the Summerian, Assirian, or Bablyonian varieties as we have yet to arrange for consistent Akkadian translation services.