With so many different educational products available today, it's virtually impossible to know which ones are right for you ó that is, until you after you've bought them, used them, and probably found out otherwise. And yet, the many challenges inherent in the work of educators demand that we acquire the very best tools available. But raw capability isn't everything, value is vital: we have to be smart with our money because we have so little of it. That's where Teaching That Makes Sense comes in. We have the time that you don't to do the crucial early evaluation work along with the experience and expertise to do it well.



We have been looking for some time now for a web-based content management system (CMS) that could meet the unique needs of most school districts. After much searching, we are pleased to report that we have found something that looks like it might fit the bill. PureCMS from GlobalScape offers flexible, cost-effective licensing, a thoughtful feature set, and a clean, easy-to-use interface that requires little or no training even for inexperienced users.


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Schools use surveys all the time: Principals survey their teachers, teachers survey parents, and kids love to survey each other. So why not put those surveys on the web? WebSurvey from GlobalScape makes creating surveys and posting them to a website as easy as working in a word processor.


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When we have to move files to and from a website, we use CuteFTP from GlobalScape. This simple and reliable product has been an industry standard for years. We use it for managing websites, posting files for our clients, and even for remote backup, too. What else can we say? It just works!


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