Let's be honest: we've all attended our fair share of bad workshops. Too many times, too many teachers spend too many hours sitting and listening to ideas they know  they'll never be able to use in their classrooms ó or worse yet, things they've already tried that never worked in the first place. That doesn't happen here.  We know that time is your more precious resource and we do our best never to waste a second of it. Every idea presented at a Teaching That Makes Sense workshop has been used successfully, not just by one teacher in one classroom, but by many teachers in a wide variety of diverse educational settings. If we haven't used it, and it hasn't worked, we don't present it. It's just that simple.

A Letter to Teachers About Our Workshops

Teaching That Makes Sense workshops are grounded in a philosophy that comes directly out of the classroom. We know what it's like to work with real kids in real situations. And we've got the answers real teachers need to solve the toughest real world problems.

A Letter to Teachers About Our Workshops

Reading Workshop Series

There are three things every reading teacher needs to know: (1) What is good reading? (2) What do good readers do? And (3) What's the best way to explain these things to kids who don't read as well as we would like them to. Our workshops give you detailed answers to all three.

Our Current Reading Workshops

Writing Workshop Series

Writing is the most challenging subject teachers deal with because it demands that students use all the skills of reading, the logical skills of math, and the social and emotional skills required for individual expression. To guarantee success, our workshops provide a vast repertoire of strategies teachers can use up and down the grade levels and across the curriculum.

Our Current Writing Workshops

Math Workshop Series

Why do so many kids develop math anxiety? In most cases, they just got off to a slow start and never had a chance to catch up. Our workshops address that problem and more by making sure that all students master the fundamentals and develop positive attitudes as a result.

Our Current Math Workshops

Assessment Workshop Series

Assessment can be so time consuming. But what's even worse is spending so much time looking over student work and gaining so little for the effort. In these workshops, we'll show you how to avoid that problem by teaching you how to assess less and get more out of it.

Our Current Assessment Workshops

"Leave No Child Behind" Workshop Series

The latest federal legislation puts more pressure than ever on schools and teachers. Is it really possible for everyone in your school to make Adequate Yearly Progress? Yes it is! And we'll show you how.

Our "Leave No Child Behind" Workshops